General Features

– Application Type Installation Of New Lifts Or Replacement Of Existing Lifts

– Motor Control
Synchronic (Gearless) Machine, Asynchronic (Geared) Machine

– Drive Type
With Or Without Engine Room (MRL)

– Cabinet İnstallation
Inside The Shaft Or Outside The Shaft

– Elevator Speed (Maximum)
4 M/S

– Group Work Feature
Up To 8 Elevators

– Number Of Stops
64 Stops

– Cabin İnstallment
With CANbus serial communication (standard)

– Floor Installment
With ready installation CANbus Serial Communication
With Parallel Installment (up to 16 stops with optional parallel installment card)

– Cabin position information
With incremental or absolute value motor encoders

– door control
Independent door controls for each stop with 2 door supports

– Automatic Bring to Floor
1-Faz 220VAC UPS Accumulator Group Connection

– Encoder
Incremental Encoder (5V TTL or 10-30V HTL),
Absolute Encoder (EnDat, SSI, SinCos or BISS)

– Automatic settings
Motor recognition / Pit Recognition / Automatic settings with capability of learning control gains

– Preventing Backward Slip in Take Off
Front-torque Function (with analog load data taken from load cell)
Holding function during take-off (without any external load cell)

– Hand Terminal – AREM
User-friendly and multi-language, colored TFT screen
Possible to control the system from any point on CANbus

– Software Update
Updating all units at once and in a fast and reliable way with AREM


• Excellent travel comfort thanks to direct landing
• Excellent travel comfort thanks to direct landing.
• Internal EMI filter
• Internal DC shock
• Internal relays for transferring between system and emergency feeding
• Pre-opening of doors and fast take off (with optional door bridging module)
• Digital pit learning / short floor trips without any additional setting and hardware
• High stopping accuracy
• 48 -230VAC safety circuit voltage
• Energy saving mode
• Programmable entrances and exits
• Lift test menu

For more detailed information, please contact your sales representative.